Five strangers who are all grieving the deaths of loved ones find themselves together in group therapy in Paramount Plus’ new Spanish-language series, When You Least Expect It.

When You Least Expect It stars Blanco Portillo as Dr. Laforet, a psychologist who uses unconventional methods to get results. The patients she is working with include Pardo (Erick Elias), a Mexican rock musician who suddenly has to care for children he barely knows; Sara (Marta Hazas), a doctor and mother who has lost the love of her life and whose eight-year-old son is now obsessed with death; Luis (Francesc Orella), a successful businessman who is less successful in his relationships with his three daughters; and Graci (Alba Planas), a college student whose entire life might change in the aftermath of her boyfriend’s death.

When You Least Expect It is created by Cristóbal Garrido and Adolfo Valor and produced by Vis, Paramount’s international studio division.

The ten-episode series premieres in the U.S., Canada and Australia on Thursday, August 18 and will also air on Paramount Plus in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France when the service launches in those countries.

Key art for Paramount Plus' 'When You Least Expect It'
Key art for Paramount Plus’ ‘When You Least Expect It’

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