Kids are on the forefront of everything that’s coming next in the world of entertainment. While you may remember rising early on Saturday morning to watch cartoons, kids today can watch whatever they want, whenever they want from the comfort of their own beds. They have access to shows being produced today, but also to shows you may have enjoyed when you were a kid.

All of that access represents the proverbial opportunity and challenge for entertainment marketers looking to engage kids. In this episode, Jennifer Rogers-Doyle, senior vice president of brand development and integrated planning at Disney Channels Worldwide, discusses how Disney Channel is managing its changing audience in this rapidly evolving TV world. That includes constantly offering them content, whether the show they love is currently on the air or not.

Let’s listen in to this session from Promax’s annual conference in Los Angeles in June. And for Promax members who want to see Rogers-Doyle’s presentation, head over to and look under the Now Streaming now tab to find this and all sorts of other conference sessions.

[Cube image of Rogers-Doyle courtesy of Memoryscape/Trevor Traynor; large content image of Descendants 3 courtesy of Disney Channel]

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