Sean Saylor, SVP and head of creative of The Viacom Agency, oversees a flow of creative work that stretches from Mexico through the southern tip of Argentina. That work covers networks and platforms such as MTV Latin America, Nickelodeon Latin America, Comedy Central Latin America, Paramount Channel and Telefe—and coming soon, streaming services Paramount Plus and Pluto TV.

As chair of the 2019 Promax Latino Awards, Saylor sees how evaluating excellence creates opportunities for his teams to have creative conversations to better understand why and how they do what they do. The challenge with serving all of these countries and platforms, he says, is to find “the universally simple but great idea.”

“Doing something simple really well is very hard. When you get that, it’s amazing but it’s hard to get there. On the creative side, the challenge is to find that balance between simple and creative,” Saylor says.

Listen in to hear what else Saylor has to say about how The Viacom Agency remains on the top of its creative game while negotiating Latin America’s rapidly expanding media market.

Enter the 2019 Promax Latino Awards for the chance to show off your work and win gold! Submission deadline Sept. 5 with winners announced Nov. 14.

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