This episode is drawn from our latest Promax Virtual Session, in which Lydia Daly, senior vice president, and Mary Kate Cullen, senior director, at Viacom CBS creative strategy and cultural intelligence, present a session called #AllTheFeels. The presentation offers some different lenses through which marketers can view and approach the very emotional generation known as Gen Z. For the purposes of this presentation, those are young people aged 12 to 24.

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Gen Z feels the entire range of emotions from depression and anxiety to supreme confidence and they express all of it on social media. Through close observation and study of such platforms as Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, the cultural analysts at ViacomCBS have been able to dig in and decode this up-and-coming generation.

One caveat: not everything in this presentation is necessarily appropriate for the younger side of Gen Z, and aside from the talk of TikTok, they probably wouldn’t be interested anyway.

If you prefer to watch this session on video, tune in below:

Promax is offering a series of Virtual Sessions. Keep checking back to see what’s coming up next:

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