Following up on last year’s popular spot featuring two polar bears learning how to ice dance, ITV returned to the theme for this year’s piece featuring an adorable cub and a squirrel that becomes the cub’s impromptu dance partner.

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While things get pretty hairy for the bear and the squirrel, they figure it out fast.


Client: ITV Creative, London,

UK Creative Director: Tony Pipes

Head of Campaign Production / Producer: Katie Carew

Senior Campaign Manager: Vanessa Wise

Senior Marketing Manager: Simon Ricks

Controllers of Marketing: Jess Byars, Ros Godber

Director of Viewer Marketing: Paul Ridsdale

Production Company: Hush London

Executive Producer: Ru Warner

Director: Kirk Hendry

Post-Production Company: Fable

Grade: Simone, Time Based Arts

Composer: Stuart Hancock

Audio: Luke Hatfield, Vaudeville

Tags: dancing on ice hot spots inspiration itv

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