Promax Europe 2019 attendees were greeted with this dynamic open—created by design partner Vizart—that features an adventurous 3D figure, gold highlights, and lively music.


Agency: Vizart

Concept Design, Modeling, Animation, Compositing: Alexander Romashko

Head of Motion Design; Art Direction, Design, Compositing: Dmitry Glushchenko

Supervision: Alexey Navrotsky

Sound Producer, Composer, Sound Design: George Taradaykin

Sound Mix: Sergey Varlamov

Edit: Alexey Ershov

Design, Animation: Andrew Filippov

Design, Render: Ivan Zubko

Design, Compositing: Vladimir Kabanov

Design, Compositing: VyatcheslavPogorelov

Design, Modeling, Animation: Sergey Barinov

Design, Compositing: Alexey Spazhakin

Print: Katerina Kadasheva

PR, SMM: Anastasia Sizova

Project Manager: Patricia Mumladze

Project Manager: Ruslan Dorovskiy

Project Manager: Marina Antipova

Executive Producer: Oleg Troyanovsky

Executive Producer: Marina Glushchenko

Tags: 3d animation hot spots main titles motion design opening titles promax europe 2019 vizart

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