Terry Minogue

SVP, Brand Marketing & Creative

Horror Stories: Nightmare Campaigns and How They Were Turned Around: A topic we can all relate to and a panel of creative allstars make this a session I don’t want to miss.

Managing Brand Ecosystems in a Transmedia World: A Roundtable Discussion: This is a big subject for one session, but as a habitual listener of KCRW’s podcasts, I know Jennifer Ferro and the rest of this panel will provide some thoughtful, take-away insights.

On-Air in an App World: A Case Study on How Digital Innovation is Transforming Creativity and Collaboration: In 2013, Nickelodeon launched one of the most ambitious apps in entertainment, combing gaming, authenticated TV and just about everything Nick. I’m interested to hear how its affected their TV presence and how its changed the way they produce and promote for all screens.

State of Our Art: Always a top session to see some of the best and biggest creative in entertainment, led by two creative forces from FX and Spike (not biased, I swear).

Shaken, Not Stirred: 50 Years of Bond: This is a great idea for a session. As a big fan of the Bond franchise (and its famous title sequences), I’m looking forward to this panel with Ben Radatz from MK12 and Ian Albinson who runs one of the best sites around, Art of the Title. Too much to ask that they serve martinis?

Alex Alonso
VP, Marketing

Small Networks, Big Creative: “Big” things sometimes come in “small” packages. Yes, even the little guys can teach the big guys how it’s done.

Pitch Therapy: A Two-Way Conversation About the Challenges of Engagement: A good pitch goes a loooong way. Nothing kills an amazing campaign faster than a weak pitch/pitch team.

Shaken, Not Stirred: 50 Years of Bond: Iconic, enduring and brilliant. How to keep ANY brand relevant and profitable for 50 years? I want to know the secret! Plus, I hear they’re also serving drinks!

Diving Deep into Downton Abbey on Masterpiece: Driving Anticipation in the Age of Now! PBS has become cooler than some of us in the room. Goes to show you don’t always need millions to launch a great product.

Horror Stories: Nightmare Campaigns and How They Were Turned Around: Fear can be a good motivator! Sometimes the best ideas come out of the worst situations.

Inventing Your Own Next Chapter: Lessons in Entrepreneurship, Risk-Taking and Doing It on Your Own: It’s an a la carte world and your professional success is definitely in each of our hands.

The 2013 Top Insights You Need to Know… Or Perish: The title alone is serious enough! And who really wants to perish when things are getting so interesting?


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