London-based Studio AKA and designer/art director/illustrator Manddy Wyckens created a stark but whimsical look for the main titles of Netflix’s Bridgerton sequel, Queen Charlotte.

The sleek animations contrast the lushness of the Bridgerton universe, with its silk dresses, sparkling jewelry, abundant flowers and tables overloaded with food and drink. Each vignette hints at a key moment from the series without giving much away, although sharp viewers will be able to tease out some clues.

The show alternates between the story of young Queen Charlotte (India Amartiefio) and her love story with King George, to whom she is betrothed but does not know, and the story of the reigning monarch (Golda Rosheuvel) whom audiences know from Bridgerton.

“We kept it subtle, connecting shots with match cuts and glimpses in mirrors and shadows, all the while maintaining a regal pace to the sequence,” said Wyckens, according to Stash. “We accomplished this with a sharp illustrative style that stays elusive and blurs the lines: some things will stay in the shadows, indiscernible, and some things will boldly take their place in the light – all the while keeping a single point of focus on the Queen. This is served by plenty of contrast and negative space to let the titles shine. And yet, every little detail bears symbols, references, or clues about the show.”

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is streaming now on Netflix.



Client: Netflix/Shondaland

Production: Studio AKA

Director/Art Director: Manddy Wyckens

Storyboard Artist: Marcus Armitage

Coordinator: Justine Waldie

Designers: Joe Dennis, Manddy Wyckens

2D Animators & Assistants: Janina Putzker, Matthias Cuciniello. Matthew Armitage, Aylen Solander

Compositors: Will Eager, Ignatz Higham-Johnson

Executive Producer: Nikki Kefford-White

Producer: Lara Salam

Editor: Nic Gill

Production Coordinator: Ren Pesci

Production Assistant: Sarah McDonald

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