To create the new branding package for Canal Plus’ Cinema(s), Lausanne, Switzerland-based Ramon + Pedro built a large cylinder out of framing and string and captured it in various angles through various projections of colored lights.

“The result is an enchanting, organic visual experience,” Ramon + Pedro said in an email.

The string is meant to indicate weaving, as in weaving stories together – just as directors do in beloved movies. Cinema(s), which originally launched in 1996, airs independent and classic film.

“ I don’t know if Voltaire wrote this phrase while he was in Switzerland, but it is certain that he created it with Ramon + Pedro in mind: ‘The Future belongs to those who dream too much.’ He just forgot to include the date. Thanks to Ramon + Pedro, we know it’s today,” said Oliver Degrave, creative director, Canal+ France.

Ramon + Pedro just signed with Moccasin’s Laura Coones for North American representation.


Client: Canal+

Concept/Production: Ramon + Pedro

Creative Directors: Laurent Fauchère/Antoine TInguely

Account Director: Fanny Vuattoux

Directors: Laurent Fauchère / Antoine TInguely

Producer: Fanny Vuattoux

DoP: David Baumann

Grip: João Prates, Dylan Endrion

Set design: Estelle Bourdet, Maude Gyger, Pascal Baillods

Making of: Mathieu Oguey

Data Manager: Nikola Bartek

Motion Design: Felix Helfer, Nikola Bartek, Romain Chautems

Sound: Norbert Gilbert


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