Everyone should thank Nat Geo Wild for having the foresight to understand that only a self-selected audience will want to tune into its new series, Pop Goes the Vet, which features caring vets popping, draining and removing abscesses and other growths from their animal patients.

So instead of showing footage from the series, the channel gathered footage of people watching the series and let their reactions do the selling, according to writer/producer David Numbers.

Nat Geo partnered with DC’s Washington Improv Theater to cast the spot. “We had an absolute blast shooting remotely with everyone in their homes, and it was awesome to turn the talent loose with a little direction and let them play,” Numbers wrote in an email.

Silver Spring, Md.-based Fogo produced the virtual shoot and edited all the footage down to find the final spot.

Pop Goes the Vet premieres on Nat Geo Wild on Saturday, Aug. 22.


Client: National Geographic

Writer/Producer: David Numbers

VP, Creative: Tyler Korba

Art Director: Jeremy Tate

Project Manager: Isabella Alonzo

EVP, Creative: Chris Spencer

Agency: Fogo

Executive Producers: Footy, Dave Gorrie

DP/Camera Team: Dave Gorrie, John Rolewicz

Creative Director: Jeff Strong

Editors: Dave Gorrie, John Rolewicz

Director of Production: AnChi Laster

Sound Designer: Richard Humphries, Takoma Media

Tags: hot spots nat geo wild pop goes the vet

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