For Spanish-language networks like NBCUniversal’s Telemundo, the 2022 FIFA World Cup is a major event. That’s why when it came time to design its brand look for the global soccer tournament, Telemundo turned to UK-based Red Bee Creative.

“We set out with three main design goals,” said Chris Moore, vice president, Telemundo Brand Design, in a statement. “First, to develop a package that captures the passion and excitement of the World Cup games. Second, to create a visual identity that is consistent without becoming redundant across every brand touchpoint. Third, to design a package that speaks not only to core sports fans but also engages with broader audiences. The team at Red Bee were an integral, hands-on creative partner in a year’s long design package development and ensured we accomplished all these design objectives and more.”

Telemundo asked Red Bee to create a single and unique visual identity to work across all of the network’s communications and broadcast graphics. According to Red Bee, “our design solution was born from the unstoppable Telemundo brand – the heart and home of fútbol.”

The package starts with Telemundo’s World Cup logo, to which Red Bee added “passion lines” that pulsate and radiate out. These lines also serve a function, leading viewers to content through transitions and movement or interacting and playing with the content while connecting back to the overall Telemundo brand.

Taking these concepts just a bit further, the “passion lines” that surround the logo then become part of the brand’s motion graphics look, emphasizing graphic elements in some cases. Red Bee considered sound waves, the motion of waves in the ocean, and “the wave” that occurs at futbol games when it designed the look.

Red Bee also tweaked Telemundo’s World Cup logo just a bit, adding an infinity mark in the world “copa,” which echoes the official FIFA 2022 logo.

The overall palette is relatively simple, combining complementary purple and yellow for the logo with straight forward lettering, allowing the look to work well with the many colors of the different teams represented in the tournament.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 runs November 20 through December 18 in Qatar.


Client: Telemundo

Senior Vice President, Telemundo Marketing & Creative: Claudia Chagui

Vice President, Telemundo Brand Design: Chris Moore

Design Director, Telemundo: Efrain Romero

VP, Telemundo Creative Strategy: Angel Domenech

Sr. Director, Telemundo Sports Creative Strategy: Andres Torres

Sr. Director, Marketing & Creative Ops, Telemundo: Marcela Valdes

VP, Marketing Strategy, Telemundo: Luisa Valor-Casali

Project Manager: Cristina Jordan

Agency: Red Bee Creative

Creative Director: Paul Fennell

Executive Creative Director: Charlie Mawer

Design Director: Amy Binding

Designer: Ralf Maniego

Business Director: Francesca Chang

Head of Design Production: Sally Rawlings

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