Earlier this year, London-based agency Red Bee Creative was tasked with rebranding Discovery’s streaming channels in Scandinavia called dplay. That job complete, the agency has now moved on to refreshing Discovery’s channel brands in the region, starting with Finland’s TV5.

TV5 is a popular entertainment channel, with a broad array of local and global content spanning reality, sports and movies. The goal, according to Red Bee, was to polish up the TV5 brand so that it felt fresh—but still Finnish—and comfortable alongside the new dplay brand.

To do that, Red Bee started with the visual style, drawing on crisp, geometric forms that are often found in Finnish design. From there, Red Bee created a visual style all TV5’s own the agency calls “Bold Simplicity” to inform the channel’s on- and off-air elements as well as the audio-visual brand execution. Once the style was determined, Red Bee could begin implementing it across all of TV5’s platforms.

Red Bee also revved up the well-established tv5 logo, keeping most of what viewers already know but giving the mark “increased confidence and gravitas,” according to the agency. The channel’s “5” is contained within a circle, allowing it to act as an icon or button on smart phones and across mobile platforms. It’s also animated in a playful manner that helps bring the brand to life.

Accompanying the refreshed logo is a new brand mnemonic intended to bring a light-hearted, energetic tone that complements the channel’s “Real People, Real Stories” tagline.

Logo spruced up, Red Bee proceeded to develop a new palette for the channel, which, with its blues and pinks, is a subtle nod to its female-skewing audience.

With the logo and palette determined, Red Bee moved on to the motion graphics, employing a split-screen device that highlights the refreshed logo while clearly imparting information to the viewer. It also animated the style’s geometric shapes to give new bumpers a fun feel.

“[Red Bee] presented us [with] a fine and innovative idea upon which we built together the amazing end result,” said Natalie Nsubuga, head of marketing, Discovery Networks Finland, in a statement. “We were working with a rather tight schedule but Red Bee was able to meet this and all our expectations with flexibility and innovation.

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