Reelz lives up to its name—and its tagline of “Real Lives. Real Stories. Real Celebrities.”—with such docuseries programming as Autopsy: The Last Hours of ..., Scandal Made Me Famous and Capturing Chris Watts.

To produce this brand spot, “Escape,” Reelz’ marketing team had no shoot, no talent, no vendor, no budget and very little time. Instead, the team had to rely on only the minimal resources available to them as they worked from their respective homes in California, Hawaii and New Mexico.


Client: Reelz

Agency: In-house

SVP Marketing, Writer: Artie Scheff

Producer, Editor, Sound Design: Keith Baca

Motion Graphic Design: Lynn Bacharka

VP On-Air Promotion, Executive Producer: David Zaccaria

Voiceover: Keri Tombazian

Tags: brand campaign reelz

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