During Sunday’s Emmy Awards, HBO unveiled a new promo for its upcoming superhero drama, Watchmen.

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The spot is a cut-down version of the series’ official trailer, which HBO debuted last week (below). It shines light on Regina King’s character, Angela Abar, a policewoman-turned-vigilante who aims to stop the Seventh Cavalry.

Picking up 30 years after Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s hit graphic novel, Damon Lindelof’s rendition is set in an alternate history where the internet, cell phones, superheroes and masked vigilantes are outlawed. Leading up to its premiere, Lindelof has labeled it a “remix—” not a remake.

“[The new series] certainly fits into the ‘sequel’ box, and definitely doesn’t fit into the ‘reboot’ box,” Lindelof told Entertainment Weekly. “We treat the original 12 issues as canon. They all happened. We haven’t done any revisionist history, but we can maneuver in between the cracks and crevices and find new stories there.”

Watchmen premieres Oct. 20 on HBO.

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