Rob Richert and Whitney James have joined full-service creative production company Where the Buffalo Roam as director and editor, respectively.

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“We’re truly stoked to bring on these two lovely humans,” said WTBR Executive Producer Tim Pries in a statement. “We simply love Rob’s sensibilities and willingness to go all in; he’s one of a kind. And we couldn’t be more excited to have Whitney join us full-time; she’s committed to the craft and is bonkers talented. We look forward to making magic with them both, and shining some good light on the world.”

Richert, who hails from Berkeley, California and graduated with an MFA in directing from Columbia University, is a Sundance award-winning director of commercials and branded content, working for such brands as Glad, Ginkgo Bioworks, Floome Breathalyzers and more. James is an editor who has worked for such brands as Nike, White Claw, Pitchfork, DoorDash, Pinterest, Audi and others.

He also co-wrote and produced The Last Black Man in San Francisco, which won awards for best director and a special jury prize for creative collaboration at the Sundance Film Festival, and he’s written and directed short films.

“Where The Buffalo Roam brings an infectious passion,” said Richert in a statement. He is currently producing Joe Talbot’s directorial follow-up feature, The Governesses. “I’m excited by the opportunities they provide for directors to thrive. They’ve embraced my idiosyncratic approach to character and want to push boundaries with me. I feel right at home.”

James got her start shooting and editing her brother’s skate-boarding videos on a DVR camcorder. She worked as an in-office production assistant at Megalomedia before being promoted to lead development editor. That was followed by a staff editing position at Muh-tay-zik|Hof-fer. Before joining WTBR, she was freelancing and exploring mixed-media filmmaking.

“The vibe at WTBR is so supportive, and they really trust their people creatively and have their

backs,” said James, also in a statement. “I hate feeling like just a button pusher. I love to be part of the creative process and be hands-on as early as possible. WTBR absolutely creates that kind of environment for me.”

WTBR has offices in Oakland and Los Angeles, California, and works with such brands as Google, Webflow, Robinhood, Gymshark and Vespa.

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