Scripp’s Fox affiliate KSTU Salt Lake City produced the above promo as a love letter to its home state of Utah with voiceover talent Drake Donovan narrating some lyrics from Utah’s state song, “Utah, We Love Thee.”

The song was written in 1895 by Evan Stephens, who emigrated to Utah from South Wales in 1866. He served as the conductor of Latter Day Saints Tabernacle Choir from 1890-1916 and was the chairman of the music committee for the Utah statehood program. He wrote “Utah, We Love Thee,” to be sung when Utah was inaugurated as a state on January 4, 1896. The song was not published until 1917, and it didn’t become the official state song until 1937.

In 2003, “Utah, We Love Thee,” was replaced as state song by “Utah, This Is the Place,” and instead became the state hymn.

The spot, which serves as a tribute to the state’s natural beauty and community connection, premiered during the station’s promo time in Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, February 12.

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