Hulu debuted the trailer for its new series The Act, and it resurfaces the disturbing story that made headlines in 2015.

The series, labeled an anthology, will tell the story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a chronically-ill teenager who is best friends with and entirely dependent on her mother, Dee Dee. To no one’s knowledge, Dee Dee suffers from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, leading her to falsify Gypsy’s illnesses, lie to Gypsy about her age, and shelter her from normal life.

The trailer offers a first look as Gypsy catches on to her mother’s deception, leading her to seek independence and open “Pandora’s box of secrets, one that ultimately leads to murder,” according to a statement from Hulu.

The Act is a seasonal anthology series that tells startling, stranger-than-fiction true crime stories. The inaugural season, starring Patricia Arquette as Dee Dee and Joey King as Gypsy, is based off the headline-making story that occurred in Springfield, Missouri, in 2015. The murder also was the subject of an HBO documentary film, Mommy Dead and Dearest, and a Lifetime movie, Love You to Death, that was released in January.

'The Act' key art [Hulu].
‘The Act’ key art [Hulu].

The first two episodes premiere March 20 on Hulu, and subsequent episodes will be released every Wednesday.

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