Things get even more intense in season two of FX’s Sons of Anarchy spin-off, Mayans MC, as Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes (JD Pardo) gets closer to the heart of the matter.

The above spot picks up where the one below for the series premieres leaves off: ​

FX premiered the official season-two trailer at Comic-Con:

Mayans M.C. returns to FX on Tuesday, Sept. 3.


Client: FX Networks

President, Marketing & Promotions, Multi-Platform Marketing: Stephanie Gibbons

SVP, Motion & Digital Design: Steve Viola

VP, Motion Design: Amie Nguyen

VP, Production, Motion Design: Dara Barton

Agency: FX Design

Director: Steve Viola

Executive Producer: Dara Barton

Creative Directors: Amie Nguyen, Synderela Peng

Producer: Rick Hassen

CG Supervisors: Jean Chiu, Michael Viscione

Sr. Technical Director: Michael Viscione

Sr. Designer/Lead Lighter: Jean Chiu

Modeling/Rigging/Animation: Jamie Sawyer

CG Artists: Jean Chiu, Michael Viscione, Sa Kim, Jamie Sawyer, Ryan Hunnewell, Brandon Lester, Yas Koyama

FX Artists: Jean Chiu, Michael Viscione, Brandon Lester

Pre-Visualization Lead: Ryan Hunnewell

Pipeline Tools: Michael Viscione, Brandon Lester

Compositing: Tanner Merrill, Jean Chiu, Michael Viscione, Sa Kim, Ryan Hunnewell

Concept Design: Jean Chiu, Jamie Sawyer, Ryan Hunnewell, Jerome Cheng

Illustration: Brien White

Color: Steve Viola

Editorial: Dan Masciarelli

Typography: Synderela Peng, Jane Ro, Brien White

Motion Design: Jose Medina

Music: Echolab, remix of “Fuga” by Molotov

Sound Design & Mix: Echolab

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