Fans watching Super Bowl LV on ESPN’s Spanish-language network, ESPN Deportes, got a little hit of joy via the first spot in the network’s new brand campaign, “Es Lo Nuestro,” produced with Mexico City-based agency Pararrayos.

“We had an opportunity with the largest platform in sports – Super Bowl LV – to reintroduce the ESPN Deportes brand,” said Laura Gentile, SVP, marketing and social media, ESPN, in a statement. “’Es Lo Nuestro’ / ‘It’s Our Thing’ captures the core values of Latino fans – community, pride, belonging, unity and joy. With our new creative work, we’re hitting those passion points that drive U.S. Hispanic fans and highlight the sports moments that tap into their strongest emotions.”

The 60-second anthem captures the joy of sports interspersed between memorable highlights from the NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, Top Rank and soccer. An original Reggaeton song, composed by Pararrayos’ Alain Gómez, serves as the music soundtrack for the spot.

Client: ESPN

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Social Media: Laura Gentile

Vice President, Sports Marketing: Emeka Ofodile

Vice President, Sports Marketing: Michelle Bella

Associate Manager, Sports Marketing: Victoria Aiello

Creative Senior Manager: Tomas Casabal

Promotions Producer II: Blanca López

Promotions Producer I: Franz Eichelmann

Promotions Producer II: Mario Plata

Agency: Pararrayos Films

Director: Roberto Russo

Director of Photography: Reinaldo Ortiz

Executive Production: Alain Gómez, Valentina Landáez

Production: Valentina Landáez, Roberto Russo, Alain Gómez

New York Production: Rafael Urbina

Los Ángeles Production: Blake Vaz

Miami Production: Daniela Cisneros, Javier Cañizales

Pararrayos Studios, Famasloop: Music Production, Sound Design and Sweetening

Creativity: Gerardo Fernández, Pericles Sánchez, Álvaro Mora, Alain Gómez

Tags: brand campaign espn deportes estudios pararrayos hot spots super bowl lv

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