The main titles for HBO’s currently airing limited series, Sharp Objects, are a wistful sweep through images relevant to the story being told, including the myriad of sharp objects that appear.

Each episode’s main titles are set to Franz Waxman’s “Dance & Angela,” although each episode features a different version. Episode one, above, starts off with the original, which first appeared in the movie soundtrack​ for A Place in the Sun, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift and Shelley Winters.

Episode two’s version offers a much more modern feel, with an updated remix by Jean-Phil Goncalves.

Episode three is set to a classical piano version by Alexandra Strelinski.

Throughout the show, music offers clues—both to the state of mind of the main character, reporter Camille Preaker (Amy Adams), but also as to what is going on around her.

The main-title score for the fourth episode, “Ripe,” remains Dance & Angela, but Mark Batson’s version is virtually unrecognizable.

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[Images courtesy HBO/Anne Marie Fox]

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