​“24 frames a second. Suddenly the world was different. We laughed more. We cried more. And we danced. And when the lights dimmed, we’d hold our breath, spellbound as we were transported to worlds far from our own,” starts the voiceover for this spot produced by Turner Classic Movies’ (TCM) brand and creative marketing team. TCM teamed up with New York City-based creative agency Sibling Rivalry and music production Made Music Studio on its recent rebrand.

“Everything old is new and classic movies are no exception,” said Pola Changnon, general manager of TCM, in a statement. “Our new look better reflects the vibrant brand and respected industry authority that TCM has become over the years, with an eye toward the future. Fans can still enjoy the same curated classic film experience, now presented with a bold new energy that reflects today’s audience.”

The partners worked together to develop a new tagline—“Where Then Meets Now”—as well as new creative packaging and a new logo.

The tagline represents the way in which the past establishes the future. It also gives the network flexibility when it comes to promotion, using the “where _____ meets _____” structure to say any number of things, such as “where style meets influence” or “where Spielberg meets Soderbergh.”

The new logo focuses on the “c” in the middle of TCM. The double “c” represents a camera lens as well as the four key “cs” of the TCM brand: curation, context, connection and culture. Sibling Rivalry imagined that “c” in many different shapes, sizes and forms, giving the network a lot of room with which to play.

New York City-based music company Made Music Studio refreshed TCM’s sonic identity, creating a mash-up of several genres, including pop and strings, that serve as a nod to iconic Hollywood musicals.

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In addition to the creative packaging refresh, the on-air sets for TCM hosts Ben Mankiewicz, Eddie Muller, Alicia Malone, Dave Karger, and Jacqueline Stewart are being reimagined and updated to give them a more contemporary feel. TCM’s in-house team produced the below teaser spot featuring the primetime host Mankiewicz. The spot launched a week prior to the rebrand launch to let fans know that change was coming to the channel.

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