It’s hard for international action heroes, such as Simu Liu, star of Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, to take things down a notch.

When the director of a promo for the CBC’s upcoming Junos – Canada’s answer to the Grammys – asks the star to just walk for the camera, he goes through an entertaining and acrobatic series of performances. And when he says “boom goes the dynamite,” he means it quite literally.

The Junos, hosted by Liu, airs May 15 on the CBC.


Client: CBC

Agency: CBC in-house

Exec Director Marketing & Communications: Maya Kane

Sr. Creative Director: Munro Cullen

Marketing Managers: Nadia Greenidge, Selina Rachel Mendez,

Creative Manager: Kieron Mullarkey

Production Manager: Jacqueline Segal

Director: Samantha McAdam

Producer: Sharon Nelson Bailey

Art Director: Edgar Pineda

Promo Producer: Michelle Lee

Animation: Vinit Mannan, Andrea Szondy, Tamisha Harris

Director of Photography: Craig Cooper

Editing: Sam MacAdam, Michelle Lee, Vance Tschritter

Sound Mixing: Chris Welsh

Tags: cbc hot spots simu liu the junos

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