When it came to the holiday gauntlet that runs from Oct. 31 through Jan. 1, the History Channel turned over its creative to Brooklyn-based agency Small Giant.

For Halloween, Small Giant turned History talent, such as Marty and Rick from Curse of Oak Island, into Jack O’Lanterns. For Thanksgiving, it strewed show symbols, like swords from Forged in Fire, over a table loaded with a holiday feast.

The set of holiday idents were the most ambitious of all, with History tasking Small Giant with turning several of its popular series into Christmas snow globes, complete with swirling snow. Small Giant ultimately shot the spots on an elaborate set with a probe lens, making it look like they are set inside glass globes with snow gently falling.

Curse of Oak Island

Forged in Fire

American Pickers

Swamp People

Pawn Stars


Client: The History Channel

Executive Creative Director: Tim Nolan

VP, Marketing: Matt Neary

Senior Creative Director: Mary Traina

VP, Marketing Production: Kate Leonard

Production Managers: Kiera Wilson, Alyssa Achuff

Agency: Small Giant

Tags: curse of oak island forged in fire history channel holidays 2020 idents pawn stars small giant

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