Everyone has their own experience of the lockdowns that have taken place across the globe as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. And when you’re a filmmaker confined to your apartment in a Shanghai high-rise, what do you do? Shoot a documentary, of course.

Smithsonian Channel acquired exclusive rights to documentary, COVID: Our Lockdown in Shanghai, which intimately captures the experience of several residents living in the building.

Silver Spring, Md.-based Fogo condensed the struggles, aspirations and ultimately, reunions, of the building’s residents into the above 30-second spot.

COVID: Our Lockdown in Shanghai premieres Monday, May 25 at 8 pm ET/PT on Smithsonian Channel.


Network: Smithsonian Channel

Vice President, Post Production: Joy Galane

Vice President, Production Management: Addie Moray

SVP, Research and Development: Chris Hoelzl

SVP, Global Production and Emerging Technology: Charles Poe

Chief Programming Officer: David Royle

Senior Producer: Monica Barrios

Archive Research Manager: Denise Nakamizu

Associate Post Production Manager: Said Rojas

Senior Production Manager: Amy Boyce

Vice President, Post Production: Kelli Herod

Creative Studio: Fogo

Executive Producer: Jeffrey “Footy” Foot

Executive Producer: Dave Gorrie

Creative Director: Jeff Strong

Director of Editorial: Ian Rummer

Art Director: Garth Superville

Director of Production: AnChi Laster

Sound Designer: Richard Humphries, Takoma Media

Tags: coronavirus covid-19 documentary fogo hot spots smithsonian channel takoma media

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