Earlier this year, two veteran creative directors – Ryan Summers and Brian Eloe – joined Denver-based creative agency Spillt, working with Owner and Executive Creative Director Ed Rhine. Summers comes from a motion-graphics background, while Eloe’s work has mostly been in live action, but together, the team takes on all sorts of projects as they look to expand Spillt’s clientele and expertise.

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“The most unorthodox way is often the best way to find a solution,” Eloe says.

Rhine, Summers and Eloe join The Daily Brief Podcast to discuss how they collaborate to deliver the best work for clients, how they try to keep their egos out of their work, and what they see coming down the pike for entertainment marketing. (Hint: it involves Web3). And stay tuned until the end for a fun, thoughtful and off-the-cuff conversation about main titles.

Listen to the conversation here:

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