Fox Sports is kicking off the 30th season of NFL on Fox with a trio of fun spots featuring the hosts of America’s Game of the Week – Erin Andrews, Kevin Burkhardt, Greg Olsen and Tom Rinaldi.

“For the 30th season of the NFL on Fox, we wanted to do something special and fun,” says Blake Danforth, vice president, creative marketing, Fox Sports.

With NFL games divided on different networks and streamers, Fox wanted to showcase what was unique about its pro-football broadcasts, and it landed on its four sportscasters. The spots take advantage of the hosts’ on-screen and off-screen chemistry, capturing how they joke around with each other even when they’re not on the air.

“The four of them have great comradery so we wanted to show off their chemistry and spice it up with a little bit of fun,” said Danforth.

Fox Sports hashed out the creative with creative agency Special U.S., who produced spots for Uber Eats that aired in the 2022 Super Bowl and featured such talent as Jennifer Coolidge, Nicholas Braun and Trevor Noah. It recruited O Positive and director Brian Billow to produce and direct the campaign.

To film the spots, Fox gathered the talent for a day of shooting, flying them all into Los Angeles – even Rinaldi, who had been in Australia and New Zealand covering the Women’s World Cup.

“It’s not the kind of shooting they’re used to but the comedic approach was a lot of fun for them,” Danforth says.

The first spot, “Catchphrase,” launched in September, and it sees the four hosts kicking around catchphrases to use when a quarterback gets sacked. Ideas thrown out there are “sack-a-roni and cheese,” “I’m too sack-sy for this shirt,” and “boom-sack-a-lack-a.”

“This was a really bad idea,” says Burkhardt.


That was followed by “Team Jackets,” – also known as “Nicknames” – which first aired Sunday, October 15.

In the spot, everyone gets a “sick” new jacket with their nickname on it, but Burkhardt – who ends up with the name “Lil Baby Kay Kay”—isn’t that excited about his.

“What’s gotten into him?” Olsen says as Burkhardt stomps out of the room.

“Classic Lil Baby Kay Kay,” Andrews says.

Team Jackets

The campaign’s third spot will debut later in November.

America’s Game of the Week airs every Sunday on Fox during the NFL regular season.


Client: Fox Sports

President, Marketing: Robert Gottlieb

SVP, On-Air Promotions: Bill Battin

VP, Creative Marketing: Blake Danforth

VP, Marketing: Keith Hritz

VP, Brand Marketing: Keri Gajewski VP, Production: Claudina Mercado Creative Director: Josh Nichols

Director, On-Air Promotions: Meghan de Andrade Production Coordinator: Meghan Rock

Agency: Special U.S.

Partner/CEO: Cade Heyde

Partner/Executive Creative Director: Dave Horton, Matthew Woodhams-Roberts

Partner/Chief Strategy Officer: Kelsey Hodgkin

Partner/Chief Production Officer: Victor Palumbo

Creative Director: Phil Fattore

Associate Creative Director: Alyssa Cavanaugh

Senior Account Director: Lindsay Friedgood

Strategy Director: Ravi Jayanath

Producer: Dan Watson

Production: O Positive

Director: Brian Billow

DP: Bob Yeoman

EP: Ralph Laucella, Marc Grill, Ken Licata

Producer: Eric Liney

Production Designer: Maia Javan

Edit: Mackcut

Editor: Ryan Steele

Assistant: Devon Flint

Executive Producer: Gina Pagano

Producer: Kayla Robinson

VFX: The Mill

CD: Chris Knight

MD/EP: Anastasia Von Rahl

Sr Prod: Katie Buckley

Associate Prod: Spencer Ruehl

Compositing Lead: Chris Knight

CG Supervisor: Tim Kafka

Color: The Mill

Colorist: Paul Yacono

Senior Color Producer: Denise Brown

Sound Design and Mix: JSM Music/Eleven

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