After Alaskan authorities decided to shut down king crab fishing in the Bering Sea last fall due to low stock levels, crabbing captains and crews had to look elsewhere to make their living. Some made their way to foreign waters, while others fished for different species. Season 18 of Discovery’s Deadliest Catch follows these changes and what they mean for each fleet.

In the above full-length trailer, Discovery sets the stage for the dramatic new season. The trailer starts by announcing the stakes using a play on an iconic phrase – “King is Dead. Long Live the Kings” – and then reacquaints the audience with familiar faces.

“This is not my boat, not my crew and not my ocean,” says Captain Sid Hansen as he tries his luck in Norway amid the Alaskan shutdown.

“We fed our families and bought our houses all from crab money,” says Captain John Hillstrand. “You don’t change and you don’t adapt, you’re gone.”

The power of water is the trailer’s underlying theme, with water interacting both with the characters and the motion graphics.

Using advanced compositing and animation techniques, the team created big, bold, dark and gritty graphics that are perfectly paired with the dramatic subject matter. The team used Real Flow for the endpage, sending a wave of water crashing through the Deadliest Catch logo.

Position Music’s 2WEI centers the trailer with its score, leading with its remake of Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water.” The piece culminates in a climactic barrage of sound and image.

“The ocean is a[n] unforgiving place,” one cast member says as the trailer closes out.

Deadliest Catch returns for season 18 on Tuesday, April 19 at 8/7c.


Client: Discovery

Agency: Discovery Creative and Production

SVP, Marketing: Josh Kovolenko

VP, Creative: Pablo Pulido

VP, Strategy: Megan DeSouza

VP, Production: Daniel Oleksiuk

Sr. Creative Director: Jamie Dugger

Sr. Producer/Editor/Sound & Graphics Design: Steve March

Sr. Production Manager: Javier Montufar

Project Manager, Strategy: Kelsey Vogt

Graphics Produced by Discovery Creative and Production: Joe Moccia, Wes Tanaka, Steve Kasuma, Nick Baquero, Glenn Suhy , Carol Perez, Rosali Lian

Sound Design/Mix: Defacto Sound

Producer: Samantha Rinebold

Tags: 2wei deadliest catch defacto sound discovery hot spots position sound

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