Starz unveiled a captivating first look at the upcoming royal drama The White Princess, the highly anticipated sequel to BBC’s The White Queen premiering April 16.

The series is based on a novel by Philippa Gregory and depicts England after the marriage alliance between the Yorks and Lancasters put an end to the War of Roses. The show follows the events of Henry VII’s reign from his new wife’s viewpoint. Elizabeth of York will have to not only settle herself into her political marriage to Henry Lancaster, but also endure Henry’s demanding mother, Margaret Beaufort.

The two-minute teaser explains the political background of the series, which strives to create a world where powerful women characters rule and offers behind the scenes interviews with cast members and their motives including executive producer and showrunner Emma Frost. The delicate balance of power in Henry and Elizabeth’s marriage alliance is also highlighted.

Young Elizabeth has a strong desire to wed for love, but becomes a “spoil of war” in the aftermath of War of Roses. Princess Elizabeth (Jodi Comer) explains that her motives change throughout the series from being uninterested in power to fully discovering Henry’s weaknesses and taking advantage of them.

The White Princess premieres April 16 on Starz.


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