Los Angeles-based State Design helped A&E put together this eye-catching animated spot to produce the latest episode of its documentary series, Cultureshock, produced by comedian and host of CNN’s United Shades of America, W. Kamau Bell.

The episode focuses on the cultural impact of Chris Rock, a hero of Bell’s, and his famous stand-up special, “Bring the Pain.” Bell feels like he owes a debt of gratitude to Rock, who made Bell an offer after seeing him perform live that changed his life forever. The film, directed by Bell, is a love letter to the person who helped him get where he is today.

To create the one-minute promotional piece, Bell worked with State to illustrate Bell’s pivotal first encounter with Rock. State recreated Bell’s life-changing memory using colorful, trippy design and 2D cel-animation.

Cultureshock: Chris Rock’s ‘Bring the Pain’ debuted on A&E on Oct. 15.


Design Studio: State Design

Executive Creative Director: Marcel Ziul

Executive Producer: Alex dos Santos

Animation Director/Lead: Luis “Lucho” Suarez

General Manager: Taís Marcelo

Senior Producer: Brandon Stevenson

Designers: Janice Chang, Karen To-Nakada, Arpine Alexanian

Cel-Animators: Lyuben Dimitrov, Jason Carpenter, Danni Fisher-Shin, Oliver Wee, Manuel Neto

2D Animators/Compositors: Luis “Lucho” Suarez, Andrew Schreiber, Manuel Neto, Danni Fisher-Shin

Sound Design & Mix: Roger Lima @ White Noise Lab

Client: A&E Networks

VP, Brand Creative at A&E Networks: Jonathan Davis

Creative Director, Brand Creative: Dave Bouffard

Senior Director, Production at A&E Television: Kate Leonard

Written & Voiced Over By: W. Kamau Bell

Assistant to W. Kamau Bell: Kelly Rafferty

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