As FX’s X-Men series Legion headed into its final episode on Aug. 12, the show’s marketing and creative remained as on point as it had been from the start.

This final season promo of the show—starring Dan Stevens as the man who evolves into the world’s most powerful and dangerous mutant—is inspired by trippy 1960s visuals but updated with State‘s state-of-the-art technology and design techniques.


Client: FX Networks

President, Creative, Strategy & Digital Marketing: Stephanie Gibbons

SVP, Motion & Digital Design: Steve Viola

VP, Motion & Digital Design: Albert Romero

Creative Director, Motion & Digital Design: Andre Carbonari

VP Production, Motion & Digital Design: Dara Barton

Producer, Motion Design: Rick Hassen

Art Director: Alex Yoon

Agency: State

Creative Director: Marcel Ziul

Executive Producer: Alex dos Santos

General Manager: Tais Marcelo

Producer: Krissy Estrada

Coordinator: Soluane Thomas

Designers: Sebastian Onufzak, Marcel Ziul, John Robson, Arpine Alexanian, Janice Chang

3D Artists: Nick Scarcella, Liam Ward, Blake Fawley, Tyler Heacox, Alex Levinton, Javier Bianchi, Mauro Borba

Compositors: Marcel Ziul, Nick Scarcella, Liam Ward, Blake Fawley, Alex Levinton, Luis Suarez

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