Marketing campaigns have the power to entertain and inspire; to evoke laughter, bring people to tears and drive action.

Every year PromaxBDA celebrates some of the best promotional creative from across the globe that does just that.

PromaxBDA board member Scott Rowe, SVP, communications and domestic marketing, Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing, and Rachel Mizuna, senior vice president, marketing, Sony Pictures Television, teamed up to present this year’s spots at Station Summit at the Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

To start off, family is important to all of us. Especially when it comes to football.

And this short film by director Terry Rayment illustrates the power of love and acceptance within families and beyond.

Warner Bros. and The CW partnered on this fun spot that celebrates female empowerment, while also promoting Warner Bros.,’ blockbuster movie, Wonder Woman, and The CW’s superhero show, Supergirl. Note the cameos here.

Speaking of sports, this campaign out of Costa Rica combines both sports and female empowerment via the country’s national past-time: soccer. The below works to raise awareness about domestic violence.

All life is precious, including that of Sudan, the last male White Rhino on earth. He’s the world’s most eligible bachelor and he’s looking for love. Interested? Swipe right.

The power of marketing can be used to raise awareness about important issues, and sometimes, less is more.

Misdirection can teach a powerful lesson, as in the spot below:

The following saw XBox put a very new twist on one of the oldest forms of advertising: the billboard.

One of Daily Brief‘s favorite spots this year, TV 2 Denmark’s “All That We Share” made it to the State of Our Art stage.

Sometimes, strong women and a strong global brand ‘just do it,’ with a little help from W+K India.

There’s also nothing more important than the next generation. This ingenious campaign from Australia and New Zealand ensures a healthy recovery for kids with broken bones.

And here’s a powerful spot that reminds us that building global literacy can help solve many of the world’s problems.

Finally, this spot carries the weight of a message that’s truly universal.


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