PromaxBDA took a global approach to its 2018 State of Our Art, looking worldwide when rounding up some of the most creative and inspiring marketing campaigns from the past year.

The work is not only innovative, but often reflects the unique country of the culture where it was developed, inspired by the African oral tradition of telling fireside stories, to the sheep that roam the countryside and brought new recognition to Denmark’s Faroe Islands.

Check out some of this year’s top campaigns:


In this spot for Canal Classico, agency BETC Paris highlights France’s love for soccer, while presenting an explanation for the things that can go wrong during a game.


This zero budget campaign used sheep with cameras and a purpose to get a group of islands so small they don’t even appear on some maps, onto Google Street View.

Latin America

Mexican beer company Tecate addressed domestic abuse and violence with a clever campaing for “real men.”

In this spot from Netflix, Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar from Narcos teaches Spanish phrases that are exactly taught in grammar school.


How to get more Americans to travel down under? An Australian tourism ad spoofed a three-decade old movie icon.


Kentucky Fried Chicken reimianged the oral tradition of sharing stories around a campfire using today’s technology in “KFC Suppertime Stories.”

North America

In the campaign #Shetopia, Sally Hansen imaged a world made for women.

Politics aside, there’s no denying the power of strong storytelling in this campaign ad that feels more like a movie trailer from MJ Hegar, a veteran, mother and Democratic candidate for Congress a Republican Texas district.

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