Some of the most creative, innovative and inspiring marketing campaigns from the past year tackled subjects such as the #MeToo movement, imagined the horror of someone not being on social media, got an entire nation to rally around a painting, and even asked people to pee on a print ad.

PromaxBDA rounded up some of the most powerful promos, broke them down into categories, and presented them at State of Our Art during the annual PromaxBDA Europe 2018 conference, held this year in Rome.

Check out some of the top campaigns from the event:

Opening Video

Targeting millennial marketing cliches, Calgary-based agency Dissolve lampooned their own footage in this self deprecating spot, true to form and disturbingly accurate.


Who’s not on Facebook? And Twitter? Insta? What would drive someone to reject social media? British charity Comic Relief explores this scary phenomenon in a hilarious horror movie spoof.

Tough Guys

Saturday nights are alright for partying, dancing and dating—but on Studio Universal channel Africa, Saturday nights are for action and fighting. The spot produced by Dutch Toast is well-edited, funny, and demonstrates a strong use of soundbites.

Tough Girls

One of the hottest topics these past few months has been the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements fueled by revelations stemming from the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal.

From the right to vote, to equal pay—from liberation, to sexual harassment and exploitation—tough girls continue to lead the way forward and shine a light on injustice, with some broadcasters following suit. Here’s a look at what Real Time has done to give a voice to many of those women.

Commercially Speaking

Andy Garcia and George Clooney will go pretty far for a cup of coffee in this ad for Nespresso that’s beautifully produced and features original film scenes.

Artistic Design

DixonBaxi was asked to brand Eurosport as the new home of the Olympics for the next decade. In this spot, they not only got the spirit right, but managed to design a way to integrate the action and drama of the athletes with the signage and graphic text of the competition.


As an industry there’s still a long way to go, but there’s been an increase in understanding, and showing viewers what it takes to be part of the same team. In worlds of Nike, we should no longer just talk about it. Instead, ‘just do it.’

Think Outside the Box

Purchase a pixel? When the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga was in jeopardy of losing one of its famous pieces of art, it created a unique fundraiser by breaking the painting down into 10 million digital pixels and sold them for six cents a piece. The campaign garnered national attention, and raised enough to hang the painting back up on the museum wall.

Be Unexpected

In a brilliant move by IKEA, the Swedish design company encouraged people to pee on a print advert featuring a baby crib. The ad served as a pregnancy test, and positive results revealed a special family discount price. Test it yourself?

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