Marketing for season two of Legion has been all about creating a mind trip for viewers, and FX’s latest artistic video installation is no exception.

The LEGION Chamber will put fans inside a 360-degree micro-theater experience designed to entrench fans in the hypnotic digital realm of the series’ David Haller (Dan Stevens). Based on the X-Men comics, he believed himself to be schizophrenic and remained locked up in a psychiatric hospital, only to discover he may be the most powerful mutant the world has ever seen. Season two picks up with him continuing to use his telekinetic and telepathic abilities to fight a psychic villain known as Amahl “Shadow King” Farouk.

Like Haller, participants will question what is real and what’s not, as the visual art piece takes them on a surreal journey through altered states of reality.

The experience is created by Marco Brambilla Studio, a digital and experiential art studio known for its use of technology to create elaborate multi-sensory experiences, combining video, sound, light, architecture, and interaction.

“Our aim was to create an experience that would take the viewer through multiple levels of Haller’s altered states of schizophrenic consciousness,” artist Marco Brambilla said in a statement. “A flood of moments, thoughts, and memories are reflected into fragmented mirrored surfaces; these kaleidoscopic reflections completely surround us and we have the sense of assuming the characters’ psychological point of view.

The studio worked with visual effects and design company The Mill to develop the immersive film, called “FRACTURE.”

“We are excited to have Marco Brambilla’s amazing artistic piece, ‘FRACTURE,’ to share with fans of Legion,” said Kenya Hardaway, SVP of integrated promotions at FX, in a statement. “As admirers of his works, we believed his innovative style could present a new perspective on David Haller’s world. ‘FRACTURE’ does just that – captivating the audience through a marvelous visual display.”

The exhibit will be open at Goya Studios in Hollywood from March 30 - April 1.

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Legion also got a vintage treatmeant through a partnership between screen print poster company Mondo and design studio Phantom City Creative around the season one March 27 release on DVD and Blu-ray. The two limited edition posters are done in a travel art style, and feature both daytime and nightime version sof the the mutant training facility Summerland.

Check them out below.

Legion premieres April 3 on FX.

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