Steph Carson has been promoted to president of Atlanta-based creative agency Elevation.

Carson joined the agency as office manager more than a decade ago. Most recently, she served as the company’s executive producer, overseeing branding, animation and design products.

In her new role, her responsibilities and focus will shift toward big-picture vision and opportunities, such as implementing new technologies and maintaining company culture in a fully remote environment.

“Our company is in an exciting period, and creating the role of president is about our long-term growth goals,” said Stephen Cocks, Elevation’s creative director and CEO, in a statement. “Having a more robust executive team will enable our company to grow the right way.”

“Elevation is already on a wonderful path of innovation and creative excellence. In terms of the overall trajectory, we’re not changing that course,” Carson said, also in a statement.

“With the volume of work we produce, it was challenging as executive producer to continue to innovate the company as a whole, while also keeping a pulse on project intricacies and details. I’ll still be involved in our projects and with our clients, but this new role is an incredible opportunity to focus more on the ‘big picture’ and continue Elevation on its path to reach further and jump higher.”

Carson joined Elevation in 2012 in a role that was part office manager, part receptionist and part client assistant.

“When I started in 2012, Elevation was heavily broadcast-focused, with a large quantity of work done at in-person sessions with clients,” Carson said. “Part of my job was to take lunch orders for the clients and staff every day. It’s likely if you visited our offices in 2012, I still remember how you like your burger.”

From there, Carson quickly grew into the role of producer, and then executive producer.

Over the last decade, Elevation has evolved as a company.

“I’ve tried to bring new things and new parts of myself to each role I’ve held at Elevation,” Carson said. “I’ve seen all angles of this company, and that kind of insight is invaluable. I’ve had the wonderful advantage of watching Elevation change and grow over the years, and myself along with it! This new role for me is truly a testament to Elevation’s focus on personal growth and opportunities to push yourself further with the support of the company behind you.”

“Steph is an amazing person. Many of her best qualities — her work ethic, her energy, her humor, her empathy — are why she excels as a leader. Despite her tremendous talent, she remains humble and full of fun with a great sense of adventure,” Cocks said.

“Stephen’s exact words to me when he offered me the role were, ‘Let’s tip the apple cart,’” Carson said. “That phrase was a lightbulb moment for me. If you’re familiar with our branding, you might get our ‘Newtonian’ nods towards our trade-marked phrase ‘Outdare Gravity.’ Offering me this position was more than just one person’s promotion. It’s a call to action for the whole team to reassess who we are, why we do what we do, how we do it, and how we show it. I’m thrilled to see where we can go!”

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