Netflix’s upcoming series Gypsy was inspired by the 1982 song that Stevie Nicks wrote for Fleetwood Mac, so it’s only fitting that the music legend re-recorded the song for the show’s opening title sequence.

“I’m very excited for the world to hear “Gypsy” more like I wrote it—on piano,” Nicks told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m very proud of this version.”

It sets the tone for the series starring Naomi Watts as a therapist in the midst of an identity crisis, who inserts herself more and more into her patients’ lives.

Pilot writer Lisa Rubin heard the song in a coffee shop as she was working on an outline for a potential project, and what she describes as “soul-searching lyrics” inspired the storyline. The new recording resonates espeically well with the theme of being stripped down to the core in the pursuit of self discovery.

“It felt fitting for the show, so it became part of the fabric,” she told EW. “It suggests the idea of grounding yourself in who you used to be and the different versions of yourself. There’s melancholy in it, but something that also feels romantic … It feels bare and haunting. It’s still the same song, but there’s a darker element.”

Netflix creators experimented with having other artists record the song for the opening titles, and considered using the original Fleetwood Mac version, but something didn’t feel quite right.

Then, Gypsy Executive Producer Liza Chasin turned to her music industry network and pulled off “a pretty baller move” of landing Nicks for a track specifically for the show. They worked with Adele and Sia producer Greg Kurstin.

Gypsy premieres June 30 on Netflix.

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