For the second time in four years, Stun Creative in Los Angeles has been recognized as PromaxBDA’s Agency of the Year in North America.

Stun covers a lot of ground thanks to its divisions that include design and motion graphics studio Buster, and key art powerhouse busterINK. PromaxBDA’s agency of the year honor goes to the agency that collected the most individual PromaxBDA Awards overall.

What stands out about Stun’s haul in 2017 isn’t just the quantity of awards it won but the variety—a spectrum of categories that ranges from a channel image promotion nod for CNN’s “Why We Go” campaign to gold in micro video content for Snapchat created around Crackle’s airing of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Throw in a children’s program spot win for the 2016 Kids’ Choice Awards on Nickelodeon and it’s clear Stun can do just about anything with aplomb, for any demographic.

But see for yourself, as we present some of Stun’s PromaxBDA award-winning work from the past year:

Better Call Saul, Season 2 / “Portrait” / AMC

This cool-as-ice spot from Stun won gold for on-air typography, and for good reason. The design of the words that fly into frame in sync with Better Call Saul’s stirring spoken dialogue is as chic and elegant as it gets. The award-winning typography is just the beginning – the written phrases proceed to pile up in an increasingly busy cloud until we realize they are combining to form the face of Saul himself. The typography would have won with or without the rad conceptual throughline, but we’re delighted to have the icing on this letter cake.

Dead of Summer / Freeform

BusterINK’s images for Freeform’s summer camp horror show are creepy, funny and hypnotically beautiful. They exude the warm nostalgia of the series’ idyllic setting while dropping subtle nods to the terror lurking just below the surface. More than anything, they just make you really want to watch. Not surprisingly, the campaign took bronze in the key art/poster – campaign category.

Kids Choice Awards / Nickelodeon

Stun and Buster teamed up on this promo for Nick’s annual awards show, and it’s clear why they needed to.

Seamlessly splicing together a dizzying array of movie moments, video-game graphics and dance footage, and leaping willy-nilly between phone, tablet and laptop screens, the spot runs host Blake Shelton through a loony landscape of on-brand elements where anything is possible. Packing in big-name cameos, spontaneous slime-barfing and even Grumpy Cat along the way, it’s the kind of organized graphical chaos that can be only be pulled off by an agency firing on all cylinders.

Top Chef, Season 14 / “Auto Tune in My Mouth” / Bravo

Just because being skilled at image-making and storytelling and design isn’t quite enough, Stun earned silver in sound design for this hilarious :60 promoting Bravo’s Top Chef. Auto-tuning the spoken words of the key players into a bizarrely catchy jingle is great and all, but what seals the deal is just how long this thing goes on, achieving the nifty trick of driving its conceit into the ground until it stops being funny… then just continuing onward until it comes all the way back around to funny again just in time for the finish.

“Why We Go”/CNN

Stun’s busterINK gets the assist on gold awards in both channel image promotion and image campaign for this electric key art work that shows some of the news network’s biggest personalities in their element. The hosts are caught in candid moments against backdrops that are raw and vibrant, powerfully extending the “Why We Go” campaign’s cinematic anthem spot into multimedia arenas.


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