DC Universe unveiled the first trailer for its third live-action superhero series, Swamp Thing. And although it doesn’t reveal much about the storyline, it makes one thing clear: no one is safe.

Set in a small town in Louisiana, the series follows Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) as she investigates what seems to be a deadly, swamp-born virus. However, she quickly learns that the swamp holds terrifying secrets causing unexplainable things to happen to those around it.

The trailer, which previews the horrific events, comes after producer Len Wiseman released a brief behind-the-scenes clip on Instagram. With the caption “Just add water,” it shows a figure wading in the eerie, green-lit swamp that becomes the source of chaos.

[Video courtesy of @lenwiseman on Instagram]

The spot also follows last week’s news that production had been cut short for creative reasons—reducing the episode count from 13 to 10—according to The Hollywood Reporter. Rumors also swirled that the series would be canceled altogether; however, the trailer served as verification that it would continue on to premiere this May.

Swamp Thing is based on the comic book series created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson in 1971. James Wan serves as director for the supernatural series, coinciding with his work on The Conjuring, the Insidious franchises, and The Curse of La Llorana.

Swamp Thing hits DC Universe on May 31.

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