​Target Ticket, a video streaming business offered by Target, has been in a test phase since May, but the retailer just announced it’s ready to roll out the red carpet and plans to launch as early as October 1.

Joining retail giants Walmart and Best Buy, Target plans to get into the streaming business with more than 30,000 titles from film and TV to start. According to Variety, half of Target customers have never streamed movie or TV content.

So far, Target Ticket has deals with TV networks including ABC, AMC, CBS, NBC, The CW, Fox, HBO, Showtime, Starz and USA Network, as well as studios such as Disney, Universal, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. and Lionsgate. Target’s streaming service will have TV programming available for purchase only, but users can stream its content to several different devices, ranging from PCs and Androids to the Xbox and Samsung or iOS devices.

Target Ticket puts most of its stock in its simplicity, parental controls and early access to content—like access to a TV show the day after it airs. And to attract initial users, Target is offering 10 free movie downloads (chosen from 30 titles) for signing up.

Read more: Variety.

Brief Take: Target is the second biggest retailer in the US, so it’s using its customers’ buying power to expand into streaming. Target Ticket may be a late bloomer on the streaming front, but it could gain some ground by focusing on early access and family-friendly programming.


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