Don Draper and the rest of the Mad Men have had a rocky seven seasons, all, unfortunately, about to come to an end.

AMC will begin airing the show’s final seven episodes on April 5, where fans may finally get some closure even where some characters may not. So to celebrate the groundbreaking drama’s slow, but hopefully satisfying, end, let’s look back at seven seasons of toasts, pitches and general drama.

First, to set the tone, re-watch Mad Men’s award-winning opening title sequence from Imaginary Forces:

Season 1: “Advertising is based on one thing,” says a fresh-faced Don Draper. “Happiness.”

Season 2: Lies start to catch up with some of the Mad Men as the series touts its Golden Globe wins, still only in its second season.

Season 3: Mad Men is many things: a romance, a drama, sometimes even a comedy. Below are a few takes on the genre-defying show.

Season 4: In “Fresh Start,” the show “starts a new tab” with a new agency and some new relationships around the office.

Season 5: Netflix promotes the fifth season with the breakout character of Betty Draper/Francis.

Season 6: Don Draper’s happiness is short-lived, as he constantly looks to the next big moment, which could end in a place of contentment or in his own self-destruction.

Between seasons six and seven, AMC also released videos to reminisce about certain characters from the first season to now. Here are a few highlights:

Season 7 part 1: The “Psychedelic Journey” of season seven plays off its very ‘70s key art, tying in to the show’s original main title sequence.

Season 7 part 2: And now, “where to start?” The final episodes takes a look at Don Draper, Peggy Olson and crew back from season one onward. “It’s over when I say it’s over,” says a determined Draper.


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