Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is taking the opportunity of the New Year to help its viewers set new fitness goals while entertaining them with gladiator movies such as Ben-Hur and Atlas all month long.

With its Get Fit and Quit campaign, TCM is walking viewers through a three-step strategy:

Step 1: Take the gladiator oath and set your goals (shown in the spot above).

Gladiators are #TrainInsane. To prove this point, TCM shared the vow these warriors lived and died by: “I will endure to be burned by fire, bound by chains, to be beaten and to die by the sword.”

That’s probably too hard core for even the buffest of cross-fitters.

TCM launched this spot on Jan. 11, 2019—because who really sets goals on Jan. 1, when everyone’s actual goal is just to stop being hungover?

Step 2: Get into it with “The Sword and Sandal Workout Plan.”

This requires fueling up (maybe cook the egg first), eat plenty of protein (maybe kill and cook the chicken first), eat vegetables, stay hydrated, find a workout buddy and train as though your life depends on it—because if you are a gladiator, it does.

Then rest, recover and watch gladiator movies on TCM.

TCM launched the below spot on Jan. 17—officially, National Ditch Your Resolutions Day.

Step 3: Triumph with humility—aka, kick ass but don’t brag.

TCM is airing “Sword and Sandals Thursdays” throughout January.


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