Promax on Thursday honored the gold and silver winners of the 2023 Local Awards in a ceremony held virtually and hosted by Scott Rowe, managing director, SRowe2000 Media and former marketing and communications executive at Warner Bros.

The Promax Local Awards focus on excellence at the local level, dividing stations into three categories: large market (DMAs 1-25, including large cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles); medium market (DMAs 26-50, including medium-sized cities such as Pittsburgh, Nashville and Baltimore; and small market (DMAs 50+), including small cities such as New Orleans, Memphis and Buffalo.

First up, the winners of the brand image campaign category:

Gold, Brand Image Campaign, DMA 1-25, “Stand for Truth,” Tegna’s KING Seattle

Photography and quick but intimate portraits of the station’s key talent sets this campaign apart. In addition, the “Stand for Truth” tagline represents Tegna’s commitment to truth in its journalism, as exemplified by its Verify platform.

Gold Brand Image Campaign, DMA 26-50, “Together We Are Home,” E.W. Scripps’ WTVF Nashville

This campaign tugs at the heartstrings as it follows a young mother who found herself having to survive a flood with a child who couldn’t swim or checks in on the denizens of an apartment complex that burned down. WTVF anchor Carrie Sharp reminds viewers that when members of their community are in trouble, the community shows up to help. The spot does a great job of reminding viewers what a local TV station’s mandate truly is.

Gold, Brand Image Campaign, DMA 50+ , E.W. Scripps’ WTVR Richmond, Va., “Original Storytelling”

This campaign frames the station’s news team as individual storytellers, each pursuing their own beats with passion and expertise.

Below are the three winners of the brand image promo category:

Gold, Brand Image Promo, DMA 1-25, Nexstar’s WGN Chicago, “WGN@75, Chicago’s Very Own”
Gold, Brand Image Promo, DMA 26-50, Hearst’s WDSU New Orleans, “WDSU Investigates”
Gold, Brand Image Promo, DMA 50+, Grey’s WFIE Evansville, Ind., “14 News Sunrise, Introducing Jamee French”

And finally, a favorite spot – the winner of the original music with lyrics category goes to Fox’s KMSP Minneapolis for this inventive recruitment spot:

See all of this year’s gold and silver winners here.

Next up are the 2023 Global Excellence Awards. There is still time to enter so get those submissions in and then join us later this year to celebrate.

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