The events are global. The athletes are the world’s best. The audience is passionate.

How do you capture all of this in a 30-second brand spot?

That was the task Telemundo Deportes assigned to New York-based branding agency Mr Wonderful and the bright, dynamic spot above was the result.

The spot highlights all of the global sporting events coming to Telemundo Deportes in the next few years, including English Premiere League, the 2019 Copa America in Brazil, Women’s World Cup Soccer in France, the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and the Fifa World Cup in Qatar in 2022.


Client: Telemundo Deportes

SVP, Brand and Content Development: Bill Bergofin

Creative Director: Hubert Reinfeld

Producer: Giuliana Carrasco

Agency: Mr Wonderful

Creative Director: Gary Keenan

Executive Producer: Damien Henderson

Producer: Danon Hinty

Art Director: Joseph Boylan

Design/Animation: Alex Scott, Frank Farella, Cayla Gao, Jade Stickle

Editor: Chris Carson

Mix/Sound Design: Ted Marcus

Tags: branding hot spots image campaign mr. wonderful telemundo deportes

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