ESPN, Tendril and their teams had a lot of fun playing with texture and tone in this package they created for ESPN’s College Football Playoffs.

“We chose to focus on the themes of grit and polish, impact and flow, chemistry and ascension. Ultimately it was a celebration of American College Football culture: the effort, the journey, the passion, the colors, the pain, and the glory of the teams, players and fans,” writes Tendril on its website.

Taking inspiration from each football team and their respective colors, the designers gave each its own elemental treatment, with Alabama’s Crimson Tide rendered in dark red and lustrous gold, for example, and their rivals, South Carolina’s Clemson Tigers, in crystalized purple and shimmering orange.

While the College Football Playoffs is a purely American phenomenon, the effort was truly global with ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut; Tendril in Toronto, Superdesigners in Moscow and director Vitaly Grossman and 3D and VFX designer Rich Nosworthy in Hamburg, Germany and Auckland, New Zealand, respectively.

Process Reel

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Client: ESPN

Creative Director: Timothy O’Shaughnessy, Dale Harney

Producer: Lindsay Reiff

Creative Coordinator: Taylor Kissin

Production Company: Tendril

Creative Directors: Alex Torres, Patrick Coffey

Director: Vitaly Grossmann

Executive Producer: Mary Anne Ledesma

Producer: Brittany Sheahan

Design: Jose Checa, Marius Becker, Superdesigners, Yeseong Kim, Leonardo Bortolussi, Ilya

Tselyutin, Vitaly Grossmann

Animators: Marius Becker, Leonardo Bortolussi, Superdesigners

Type Design & Animation: Gabriel Rocha, Superdesigners

Houdini Simulation: Rich Nosworthy, Philipp Pavlov, Superdesigners

Lighting and Render: Jeff Briant, Marius Becker, Yeseong Kim, Superdesigners, Leonardo

Bortolussi, Vitaly Grossmann, Brad Husband

Compositors: Astrid Cardenas, Corey Larson

Music & Sound Design: Konstantin Kazhev (CADEU)

Toolkit Developers: Gabriel Rocha, Corey Larson, Zack Lovatt

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