Objects that have piled up for years lighten and fly away in Thornberg & Forester’s season 14 campaign for A&E’s veteran docuseries, Hoarders, which returns Memorial Day.

To create the package, A&E jumped off last season’s key art, which was based on the concept of being buried. This season’s campaign plays off of the idea of heavy personal emotions, coupled with the accumulation of things over time, weighing the show’s subjects down. The key art also included a sign of hope, represented by a warm, glowing light in the background.

Season 13 key art for A&E's 'Hoarders.'
Season 13 key art for A&E’s ‘Hoarders.’

A&E Creative Director Michelle Weaver crafted a comprehensive creative brief based on those notions to tee things up with the team at T&F.

New York City-based T&F’s task was two-fold – presenting the reality of feeling trapped, and two, encapsulating the spirit of the show, which is about lifting the weight and trauma from someone’s life. T&F Executive Creative Director Scott Matz pitched the idea to start with a densely-packed hoard and then have items fall away, one at a time. After a while, the camera rotates 180 degrees to represent the idea of that weight and trauma being lifted, instead of simply falling, from someone’s life. The idea was to flip the script and move from being trapped and buried to being right-side up and free. As the hoard becomes less and less dense, a warm light floods the room from an open door, stains vanish from the carpet, and dirt particles are whisked away.

The pacing of the spot was designed to the cadence of an emotionally charged, bite-driven audio edit by A&E Sound Editor Mike Celona. Sound design and mix was done by Andrew Guastella of Guastella Sound.


Client: A+E Networks

Executive Creative Director: Tim Nolan

VP, A&E Brand: Jonathan Davis

VP, Creative Design/Brand Marketing: Anna Yoon

Creative Director: Michelle Weaver

Producer: Shelby English

Sound Editor: Mike Celona

Agency: Thornberg & Forester

Executive Creative Director: Scott Matz

Designer: Vincent Diga

Animation Lead: Ken Krueger

Animators: Jinsup Kim, Michael Barrett

Producer: Javier Gonzalez

Sound: Mix: Andrew Guastella, Guastella Sound

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