While we were in New York covering the 2018 PromaxBDA conference, the Daily Brief Podcast continued, but we didn’t have time to tell you about it.

So today a two-fer: from PromaxBDA Europe 2018, we bring you Dr. Simon Moore, consumer psychologist and managing partner with insight and behavior change consultancy, Innovationbubble.

In his talk presented earlier this year in Rome, Moore shared case studies in cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, and behavioral science to demonstrate how we all live much more in the non-conscious world than in the conscious one.

This session will challenge your assumptions, inspire you to consider new solutions, and help you understand alternative methods.

And then one month later, we headed to PromaxBDA Games in San Francisco where we heard Nicolas Darveau-Garneau, Google chief search evangelist, consider the future of marketing.

In today’s ever-evolving marketing landscape, connected consumers demand more personal, relevant and useful engagement with brands. This gives way to what Google calls “the age of assistance.” It signifies an intelligent genre of customer engagement where brands must shift from marketing-centric, omnichannel campaigns to customer-centric, cross-channel engagement that’s assistive, useful and additive in nature.

How to make it work for you might not be obvious, but Darveau-Garneau unfurls the roadmap to show us how to create the most authentic user engagement.

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