It happens to most of us: You are trucking along, doing your job and all of a sudden ... you don’t have one anymore. At first, you feel shocked and terrified, and then you just feel sad. But this session, titled “The First 90 Days: Personal and Professional Recovery and Reinvention,” is here to reassure you that there are steps you can take to get you to the next point in your career journey.

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Heather Jagels, principal and owner, Mountain Zen Creative, leads a panel on the 12 steps to recovery after a career transition. Jagels talks with Astra Dorf, director, business development and creative resources, Astra Reps, and Evan Shapiro, owner/producer, eshapTV. Together—as presented at the PromaxBDA Conference 2018 in New York City—they offer easy ways to help you uncover your strengths and get to the next thing. They also suggest this book, StrengthsFinder 2.0, to help you chart your path.

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