The Simpsons take a walk on the wild side—well, virtually anyway—in this new couch gag from animator Michal Socha.

In the spot, Homer takes a turn as a parachutist, before landing on a biplane flown by Ned Flanders, who he quickly throws out of the aircraft. Bart glides down a slope on a snowboard, big-mountain style, while Marge morphs into a surf goddess. Lisa freedives with humpback whales and baby Maggie cruises down the street on her BMX bike.

In the end, the family ends up right back where you would expect them to be, except with virtual- reality goggles on their faces.

Socha hails from Acme Filmworks, along with several other animators and directors.

The sequence will air before an all-new episode of the animated show on Sunday, April 19 at 8/7 c on Fox.

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