KENS San Antonio is where the fiesta is at! This super fun and colorful spot from the Tegna-owned station will make you want to hop on a plane to grab some fajitas and margaritas with the station’s hard-working, hard-playing anchors, reporters and crew.

The spot aired as part of an overall image campaign, just before the city’s ten-day fiesta. To do the shoot, the station gathered its morning, noon and evening anchors as well as more than 100 people closely associated with the event at the city’s historic market square, KENS Marketing Director Don Smith told TVNewscheck. The whole thing was shot in one continuous take with the transitions sped up to get the piece in under 30 seconds—and also because it looks cool.

The music was produced locally by Piñata Protest.


Producer, Director: Andrew Delgado

Cameraman: Andrew Fann

Production Team: Caitlyn Alvarado, Kyle Adams, Brett Mauser, Derrick Barrios, Mario Ruiz, Fred Fechter and Gabby Gonzales.

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