National Geographic’s teasers for The Long Road Home start at the end of the story, showing viewers the aftermath of the events that unfold in the true-life based limited series.

Creators went conceptual with the storytelling, showing a bullet-strew ground, damaged vehicles, the ominous phone call a loved one receives at home, the meaningful knock of uniformed men at the door, the framed photos of a funeral memorial. Each vignette ends with the tagline “It was supposed to be a routine patrol.”

The Long Road Home tells the true story of April 2, 2004, what the Army calls Black Sunday, when The First Cavalry Division out of Fort Hood that was ambushed in Sadr City, Iraq, on the fourth day of their peacekeeping deployment. Based on the book of the same name by Martha Raddatz, it focuses on both the battle that ensued and the struggle of loved ones at home.

The quiet, intense moments of the teasers wet a cinematic tone for the series.

The spots seek to immerse the viewer in the aftermath moments that speak to some of the themes of the show, leaving the audience wondering what’s happened and wanting to see more, National Geographic says.

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National Geographic

EVP Creative - Chris Spencer

SVP Creative - Andy Baker

VP Design - Brian Everett

Writer/Creative Director - Tyler Korba

Sr Project Manager - Leah Wojda


Creative Director - Wayne Watson

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Associate Producer - Matt Wizan

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Defacto Sound

Sound Design & Mix

Variable &

Director - Steve Hoover

Director of Photography - Jeremy Benning, Dustin Lane

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Line Producer - Paige DeMarco

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PA - James Goolsby, Gabe Leal, Joe Lee, Jeremy Minten, John Shields, Tom Stuart, Jordan Tunnell, Kevin Weakley


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